Mark Martin Ministries and Aimee Gabriel

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this recently but the Holy Spirit has been making a tremendous impact on our church lately. I think for those that attend regularly this goes without saying. It was such a blessing to host Mark Martin last Sunday morning to lead our praise and worship. His testimony captures the heart that the Lord Jesus Christ has for all of us and is proof and evident with his powerful ministry.


But hold your horses, just when we thought we had seen all of the Lord’s glory for the day He brought 3 more very talented and spirit filled disciples to our church for the evening service. What a ground shaking night this was. Please watch both of these on YouTube and subscribe if you haven’t already. We upload all of our services weekly, and there is always something fresh going on 😉



One thought on “Mark Martin Ministries and Aimee Gabriel

  1. Absolutely! What an out pouring! GOD IS GOOD!

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