The Presence of God Filled the Room

The atmosphere this past Sunday morning was charged with the presence of the one true living God. The Holy Ghost was in the house, and there was a sense of deep purpose and intent on the part of the Lord. God was deeply affecting the lives of hurting people who were hungry for a touch of the master’s strong hands.

The Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, began pleading with people through powerful words through heavenly tongues. God was saying he wanted and delighted in worship which he so richly deserves. The Holy Ghost called on people to draw close to God by giving themselves to him, submitting to him in worship and praise. The room was thick with the presence of God. The pulpit was moved back to make room at the altar for people to pour their hearts out before our gracious God. There was much weeping and it was not difficult to see the hand of God moving through the room, touching lives and healing deep-seated wounds in many. I was overjoyed while seeing a number of saints laying prostrate before God; it was evident the Lord was doing a work in their lives.

There was wonderful worship and praise, people prayed and the word of God was spoken. These three elements are vitally important in any meeting with the saints and our eternal God. This was no accidental meeting between God and his people. It was not unexpected, nor was it something which only happens once in a great while. Saints of God should expect meeting with him when they gather in worship. There should be an air of anticipation and expectancy when people of like precious faith come together for the express purpose of giving glory and honor to the one true living God – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Those of us who gather on Saturday nights for prayer cry out to God in anticipation of his presence on Sunday. We believe the Spirit of God will show himself in the midst of the people in a powerful way. It is not as though we are demanding God to keep his word; no, we understand the promises of God’s eternal word and expect the Lord to honor us with his presence as we cry out to him. God keeps his word; he honors those who seek him in Spirit and truth.

John 4:23 (English Standard Version) 23 But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.

In Christ, Pastor Ron Parish

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