Pentecost Sunday 2015

So, I knew we were getting close to Pentecost Sunday, so did the “OK, Google, what day is Pentecost Sunday” Look at the response I got: this is pretty sad when not only does Google know that …”Christians, may not know why the day is special”… but that it is so wide known that Google is advertising this. What church, what beautiful bride would Jesus come back to seeing if he came back today? So many of us pray for his return, if you were Him, would you come back to this?
This is why prayer is so important. So many of us would agree but do we ACTUALLY go into our prayer closets? Do we really spend TIME with the Lord? Do we seek his opinions and laws when we make decisions. We have all heard this – prayer is not a one sided communication where we just keep asking God to bless us, to heal us, forgive us. When are we going to start living AS CHRIST DID and change the DEFINITIONS GOOGLE HAS ABOUT US?!?!